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Who We Are

RCH International is known for creating “Best of Breed” hospitality/lifestyle experiences. In providing hospitality/tourism strategic advising, conceptualization and master planning through to operational marketing and management, based on its tested skill sets, we strive to create sustainable total environment lifestyle hotels/resorts/retreats and other tourism projects that anticipate, meet and regularly exceed the ever changing requirements of the sophisticated traveler/end user.

The Highest Form of Courage is the Courage to Create.

RCH International is also active in capital structuring and leadership/business advising for our business partners, with the goal of creating unique lifestyle experiences which, while being of the highest quality, are also financially sustainable businesses. We do consider direct and vested investments in selected companies which are aligned with our strategic growth objectives.

In developing sustainable dynamic projects with our business partners, RCH International creates unique experiences in diverse settings…in each case a ‘Best of Breed’ environment, tailored to the location, the climate, the market, and the local culture to offer the most unique ‘Total Environment’ hospitality/tourism experience possible. Memorable experiences that are capable of being repeated again and again.

Creating the best of breed Hospitality / Tourism Experiences