Services we provide

  • Owner Representation / Advisory Services / Assets Management
  • Acquisitions / Divestitures / Public Listings
  • Conceptualization / Master Planning
  • Adaptive Reuse / Restoration
  • Pre-Opening / Operations / Marketing / Revenue Management
  • Brand Development
  • Sustainable Social Enterprises

RCH International spearheads the overall strategic conceptualization and master planning of hospitality/tourism lifestyle projects and continues through the implementation phase by supporting the processes of operational management, technical services, marketing and brand development in order to ensure sustainable returns for the projects.

Our focus is to create ‘total environment lifestyle’ enterprises… in which we are actively developing and integrating a variety of unique concepts, that go well beyond the core of accommodations, food and beverage, meetings/function facilities and health/wellness.

Our role most often includes direct involvement from the earliest stages of project planning through the development, implementation, and operational phases to ensure the successful realization of the project’s objectives.

In conjunction with RCH International’s involvement in strategic development, conceptualization and master planning, we also play an integral role in securing potential investors and structuring transactions to support both the core tourism projects, and to develop the necessary infrastructure and encourage related, synergistic developments. Our focus is always to ensure an attractive return to the investor while developing a sustainable tourism environment for the destination/country involved.

As part of the process of evaluating the feasibility of our projects and in demonstrating our commitment to deliver bottom line results for our investors, we extend our capital structuring expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings. We may also consider direct equity or other type of financial support/participation in select companies and/or projects aligned with our long term strategic growth objectives.
In addition to his personal service to select public listed and private boards of directors, Dr. Helfer (on behalf of RCH International-Singapore and Creo Lifestyle International Pte Ltd) also serves as strategic advisor to specifically focused government and private organizations/companies and high net worth individuals.